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Get all the value out of each and every marketing dollar by turning to Kansas City pay for performance SEO marketing by BRelevant Solutions. Unlike most forms of marketing, you only pay when you get results. We know you have a bottom line to protect, so we do what we can to protect it.

We offer guidance in SEO in Kansas City MO, making sure that your company’s website is represented on the front page of results for targeted web searches. Through search engine optimization in Kansas City MO, potential clients that are looking for your goods and services can find you.
Why look for a service that offers pay for performance in Kansas City MO?

In this day and age, marketing professionals have the tools and resources available to help measure the effectiveness of a campaign. Here at BRelevant Solutions, we even have proprietary software that our team developed to make sure that you are getting results from our Kansas City search engine optimization.

Because these tools are available, you should never have to pay for these services unless you see they are working. That’s why the Kansas City pay for performance model is so special.

Would you pay a plumber if he or she showed up at your house, spent time working on your toilet, and didn’t fix it? No! So, why should anything be different with SEO in Kansas City MO?
You get results — we BOTH get paid

By implementing a highly effective method and getting you found by potential clients, your site will generate more sales and achieve other objectives. You make more money — and that’s when we know we’ve earned our money.

You don’t have anything to lose with Kansas City pay for performance SEO marketing. Contact BRelevant Solutions and start driving attention and traffic to your company’s website.


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